Thursday, November 18, 2004

Went Like This

Went Like This

Last night, I did nothing. It's amazing how easily that can happen. Whenever I have nothing to do, I think "I should read a book". Sometimes I do. Othertimes, (like last night) I just think that and then I start day dreaming about something else and before you know it time has been pissed away and it's time to go to bed. Wait... I put new wheels on my skateboard and rode down to Hollywood video only to find that it had closed. I also made a weird drawing. Anyway, books however, are just some dude's daydreams written out. So if sitting around reading someone else's daydreams is time well spent then so is sitting around daydreaming. Right now, all the books at Adobe Books in SF are arranged according to color. It's an art instellation thing. What a pointless way to spend your time. Reorganize an entire bookstore by color for the sake of art. forget that! That dude should have just stayed at home and sat there daydreaming. Actually, I kind of want to go see it. But mostly so I can reiterate how stupid I think it is. Maybe I will be totally impressed when I see it. Who knows?

Tonight, I'm going to go see Millitant Children's Hour play at Mama Buzz Cafe. All HAIL RICARDO THE AWESOMEST ONE MAN BAND!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

No more politics. Let's just drink beer.

Bummer, dude. Bush again. It has to get worse before it can get better? Well, it's certainly going to get worse. But honestly, I'm so sick of hearing and talking about politics.
While watching the painful marathon of televised election results, we changed the channel and watched a documentary on a highschool women's basketball team playing a close game. It was a very needed break from the election. The team was entirely made up of Native American girls and they had an inspiring coach who riled them up and got them feeling like they could persevere against the other team of blonde girls. I was watching this at a friends' home in SF. We had been drinking beer for some hours and had just finished passing the peace pipe. Between the anxiety of the election and the mind altering substances and the crowded room, I got very emotional while watching this basketball game. It was intense. Waves of emotion would periodically hit me as I clenched my jaw and dried not to bawl. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. The underdog team won in the last couple of seconds of the game that went into overtime and we all let out one hell of a triumphant cheer. God damn that felt good.
Then we went back to watching the election. That sucked. After I could no longer stand it, I went home to sleep. When I got there, I found that the spare key I was using wasn't working. I drove over to my friends' house and found a warm welcome and an available bed. Thank goodness for friendship.
Let's quit talking about politics and just run away somewhere where we can all just hang out and drink beer and cheer for underdog sports teams.
Or we could revolt! One or the other.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Please repost all over the world

Greetings friends, family, and fans

It's finally time to get sweaty again. Jose Pepon, the hyper Mexico loving jazzercise instructor/ rapper/ vocalist/ blow-your-mindist, will be performing live this Friday night in Oakland!!! Take no prisoners. I've taken a bit of a hiatus and am now fully rested and ready to rock out again. Join me in a full body work out that includes momentary breaks for shots of tequila.

I will be playing at the Liminal Gallery at 9pm. Liminal is located at 2000 Myrtle Street in West Oakland between 18th and 20th street. will help you find your way.

Let's show our affection for the communal spirit and the will to survive!

I'll see you Friday (Nov 5th)

Joe Imwalle (415) 218 9448

p.s. I'll also be playing Wed the 10th at the Stork Club (23rd and Telegraph) in Oakland with Alex Jenne's band, iii. Both shows will be unique and worth your while. Believe in yourself and your ability to make it out to both shows!