Friday, April 22, 2005


Hospital room swirlin
WAH WAH pedal on his "this one to eleven" voice
his wet lungs scream baby scream
boo hoo heady head
spillin out legs spread



home is where the range is

Aptos, Boston, Tenessee, So Cal,
He's cousins with chill out barbecue weekend
cousins with kill
and will you give up your where-abouts?
Where is everybody? and why are they all here?
they all there? why they say that?
family all over again
why they say that?
There's more

all over again

A long ways coming
all over again
500 years
all over again
used to be a bee in a tree

he came out screaming this time
sting your ears this time
he came out screaming

pierced the scrubs
the linoleum floor
the white linen
the stainless steel

ouch little guy!!!
why you cry?

Thursday, April 21, 2005

cry for my four track

I want my four track back and I don't want to pay anything for it!!! I lost it to Rob Bronco in a card game. We were in NYC about a year ago when either John or Rob proposed that we play Texas Hold'em. I am thinking about this as I sit in my backyard with an old man's grey beard light. Actually, John said that the light was as such, I think it looks normal. Though, I'll use my imagination and agree with the statement whole heartedly. I've never been a good card player. Especially when money is involved. Texas Hold 'em is a game where you play until there is one man left standing with everyone else's money. My opponents were good card players accept for Mike. John and Rob knew it would be a game to see which one of them would get the money. But a small part of me thought that maybe this time would be different. Anyway, I gave Rob my four track cassette recorder instead of money because I didn't use it anymore and he thought he would. He hasn't. He left it in L.A. in his friend's bedroom who is now in a coma. It is so very not getting used right now. Rob could potentially make some very amazing music with it (because he is always brooding and ruminating) and that would be well worth losing it. But alas.... I want to cry.